Archive Shuttle offers you the ability to migrate legacy email archives and journal archives quickly and securely to Office 365 or other archiving systems. The product minimises bandwidth and ensure user access to data is maintained during the migration.

The course covers basic troubleshooting topics and is aimed at administrators who require some assistance in order to gather information to investigate issues.


Before taking this course, it is essential to have a good understanding of Archive Shuttle.

Learning objectives

Here’s what you’ll learn through this course:

  • Information about Archive Shuttle log files and logging capabilities to help determine causes of issues
  • Quickly analysing Archive Shuttle configuration
  • Managing failures
  • Discovering whether issues are one-off, or reproducible
  • Identifying a point of failure
  • Basic evidence collection
  • Reporting issues

Course length

45 minutes

After applying for this course, you might experience a brief wait while the instructor adds you to the course roster.