Nova simplifies Office 365 administration and management. With one intuitive interface, users can complete administrative tasks, delegate control of Office 365 to individuals within an organization, and maintain compliance with role-based access control (RBAC) best practices.

This course has tips and tricks for administrators who’ll use Nova to perform their daily tasks.


Before taking this course, keep this in mind…

  • This course is ideal for those who have the Admin role within Nova. You can learn more about Nova roles here.

Learning objectives

Here’s what you’ll learn through this course:

  • The purpose of Nova, how it looks, and who benefits from its various services
  • How Nova DPC works and how to add delegated administrators to the service
  • How to set up virtual organizational units, authorization policies, and license policies
  • How to create authorization policies to give users the ability to perform certain actions or access certain resources
  • The purpose of dashboards and how to customize them to meet organizational needs
  • Ways to review activities using the audit log

Course length

This course takes about 90-120 minutes to complete, including the course quiz.

What’s next?

After applying for this course, you might experience a brief wait while the instructor adds you to the course roster.


Course Reviews


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  1. Excellent!


    -High level enough not to be disrupted with details on main pages
    -Detailed enough to see the value – especially at ‘with / without Nova’ section
    -‘How to’ videos are great

  2. Perfect overview!


    Nice overview of main Nova features and benefits. Course is well-structured and understandable. A tiny improvement of some graphics would make it even more impressive.

  3. Great stuff!


    Course provides a lot of useful details about Nova. I really like videos included in this course. Well done!

  4. Content with quality


    You guys are doing a great job. This is Top quality content for the NOVA course.

  5. DPC course


    Course was quite informative about DPC – just one service from Nova so I would use it in the name of the course.

    I found some small issue in Create policies:
    Both license policies, authorization policies, and configuration policies.
    and there are 3 so both doesn’t fit here much

    Lastly I finished all parts of this course, the course has badge – ENDED, but in % it is still not 100% (96,5 %)

  6. 5

    Not working with NOVA, but it looks to me that this course is very detailed and useful.